Rev. Debra Guthrie

NAACP 100th Anniversary

This weekend we celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of the NAACP here in Aiken. This morning let’s explore the Unitarian Universalist relationship to the NAACP historically and now.… more


Come today, bring your gathered waters and stones, bring the stories of your life, come share your experiences over the summer and your moments of ministry. Step into the paradox of individuality and the connection of every person and thing.… more

Lynching in the United States

Can facing the horrific national sins of lynching and violence against people of color help us move forward toward racial harmony?… more

Sacred Conversations

Can such a diverse community of faith as ourselves effectively craft a shared vision for our future?… more

The Poor People’s Campaign

Continuing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Calls us to a moral revival in our nation centered economic justice.… more

Waters of Ministry

Water holds ritual significance in my cultures and its unique composition allows for life on earth. In those sacred moments, which I call moments of ministry, which happen every day, if we are vigilant and paying attention; is the presence of water significant?… more

A Church Without Absolutes

During my message on May 6th I said, “If you think that we are just the progressive alternative to orthodox religion; you are missing something. We are not merely the opposition, we are a whole different paradigm.” This morning I will unpack that statement and examine other misconceptions about Unitarian Universalism.

 … more

The Fifth Principle

As Unitarian Universalists, we are called to exercise our agency by promoting the ideals embodied in our fifth principle. We uphold the right of conscience and the democratic process by being full participants in the governance of this church –congregational polity. On this Sunday of our annual meeting let’s begin a discussion about the balance inherit in congregational polity.

 … more

Our Need for Nurture

One of life’s great quests is to find places we can come together as friends, companions, parents and children, sisters and brothers; in all our relationships. How can we make profound connections? Often, we look around and only see ways in which we are different. This Mother’s Day, let’s look at our common need for connection, nurture and love.… more


Life begins when you get back up. This is a big day for the congregation, a new start. Not only will we elect an interim president, we will explore a new system for programs and governance at the Committee on Shared Ministry picnic. This message will be informed by transcendent ideas inherent in starting over and rebuilding. I hope you join us.… more