Rev. Debra Guthrie

Earth Day

Let’s try to conjure a new perspective of the earth or may be revisit a perspective we have lost over the years.… more


Easter is a celebration, a symbol of new life and a time to allow the rising up of praises and hallelujahs, will we, can we, find reason to celebrate in this world torn by war and injustice.… more

Palm Sunday

We will shake out the Palm Sunday narrative and give the Jewish holiday of Passover a squeeze for more spiritual gems that may be meaningful in today’s world.… more

A Whole New World

I will discuss some of the changes we have weathered over the last few years and suggest the spiritual and emotional ramifications of those changes. Service followed by the State of Our Ministry discussion also on Zoom, open to all and we encourage your perspective, questions, and input, if you are new to the church or have been with us since the beginning.… more

Required Reading take 2

I will revisit the worship service I wanted to present but got Covid. What are the books that have shaped you? What are the books that you wish everyone would read? — This service will include an in-person and Zoom discussion directly after the
service so everyone can share their favorite books.

A Visit with Parker Palmer

Echoing Dori’s message of last month, let’s see what Parker Palmer has to say about aging, in his new book — On the Brink of Everything.… more

Standing on the Side of Love

We will revisit this movement that started inside the UUA but grew into an entity all its own. Remember – It is Souper Bowl Sunday — time to eat soup.… more

Mining NPR

All of Rev. Deb’s messages this month will revolve around stuff she has heard on NPR, or through podcasts sponsored by NPR. Today’s message will introduce the topic for the month and offer a few examples of inspiring articles.… more