Rev. Debra Guthrie

Annual Meeting

Yes, once again it is time for the high holy day of Unitarian Universalism. I am only partially joking because there is something very sacred about discerning how we will walk together. … more

Mother’s Day

We take time to celebrate Momma. If you are not a Momma, you got one. If you don’t like her or you don’t know her; maybe you have mothered someone in
your life. What ever is the case it is all about self-sacrifice for the benefit of another? What is that love like?… more

The Spirituality of Unitarian Universalism

“Ours is not an easy faith but it is a strong and healing faith,” Rev. Sally White. I will unpack this statement from my mentor and share with you why Unitarian Universalism has been enough for me over the last 13 years.… more


Let’s look at the Christian holiday of Easter and delve deeper into its similarities with Pagan rites which predate it. Maybe we can find, along the way, some inspiration for us modern Unitarian Universalists.… more


Boundaries, limits, lines, borders and walls. Most of us believe that walling people out from receiving life-giving necessities is cruel. But when is clarity, kindness? Let’s look at the complications inherent in boundaries.… more


Becoming- Today, I will share lessons I have learned from the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. This service will include recognition of New Members.… more

The Transformation Machine

The Transformation Machine, Climb on board my time machine. Don’t worry, it is bigger on the inside. I want to take you back in time, in order to cast a vision for the future.… more

Christmas Eve

Join us for this beautiful candlelight service written by Rev. Sally White. There will be songs to sing and special music. This proves to be a very poignant moment to our holiday events every year. There will be a Holiday Party after the service. Please bring a dish to share.… more