Rev. Debra Guthrie


Beautiful stories of personal sacrifice litter the narrative landscape of the holidays. This morning I will unpack the themes of those stories and discuss the paradox therein.… more

I am so Thankful

On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, let’s talk about gratitude.… more


Did you ever daydream that you could be a hero someday?… more

Back to Basics

Rev. Deb will explore some traditional Unitarian Universalist thought and dust off our mission.… more

Guest at Our Table

This morning we will revive our participation in two wonderful programs offered through our denomination to help people.… more

Yom Kippur

Can we still find value in studying other religious traditions and their connection to ideas of forgiveness and atonement?… more


Join Rev. Debra this morning for this traditional autumn celebration. A remnant of New England Unitarianism what does this service still hold for us today.… more

Loneliness and Solitude

Let’s explore the line between difference between being alone and being lonely. When does the desire for solitude turn into unhealthy isolation?… more


This morning we will explore some of the offerings from the Braver/Wiser daily devotional offered through the UUA. … more