Rev. Debra Guthrie

Christmas Eve

Join us for this beautiful candlelight service written by Rev. Sally White. There will be songs to sing and special music. This proves to be a very poignant moment to our holiday events every year. There will be a Holiday Party after the service. Please bring a dish to share.… more

A Child is Born

At this sacred time on the Christian Calendar we will take a look at the birth of a special child, and how that belief is nestled in an understanding that each night a child is born is a holy night… more

Holiday Sing-a-Long

Invite your friends who don’t like church to this morning’s all musical service and holiday sing-a-long. This is an intergenerational service, children are welcome! Holiday Party Following service, bring a dish!… more

Let’s Talk About Sex

It seems like almost every woman I know has been sexually assaulted; ranging from unwanted advances to rape. On the other hand, almost every man I know is a decent guy and would not do
anything of those things. In this morning service, we will unpack these revelations in the age of “me, too” and “I believe her.”
Followed by State of the Ministry at 1pm… more

Oct 21 – Where are the Lines?

Rev. Debra will be in the pulpit this morning. She plans to take on the question of how we honor the individual while moving the collective forward. This service will include a
New Member Ceremony.… more

Oct 14 – Purpose of Society

Rev. Debra with the help of Dr. Who will examine the purpose of society and how we are living up to the aspirations of “the Dr.”… more

Oct 7 – Faith and Doubt

Rev. Debra will explore a new definition of faith which embodies doubt and makes it a higher expression of faith.… more

NAACP 100th Anniversary

This weekend we celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of the NAACP here in Aiken. This morning let’s explore the Unitarian Universalist relationship to the NAACP historically and now.… more