Rev. Debra Guthrie

Mining NPR

All of Rev. Deb’s messages this month will revolve around stuff she has heard on NPR, or through podcasts sponsored by NPR. Today’s message will introduce the topic for the month and offer a few examples of inspiring articles.… more

Feed Your Dog

Exploring the spirituality of stewardship for a vision.… more

This I Believe

Rev. Guthrie’s Birthday Sermon

On her Birthday Rev. Deb will talk about some lessons she has learned since becoming a UU.… more

Lights of the Season

Many of the stories of the holidays share the theme of light. This theme crosses over the Pagan, Jewish and Christian traditions. This morning we will join these traditions in honoring the light.… more

Holiday Sing-along

Rev. Deb and the Everyone! Holiday Sing-along. Includes both secular and religious songs.… more


Beautiful stories of personal sacrifice litter the narrative landscape of the holidays. This morning I will unpack the themes of those stories and discuss the paradox therein.… more

I am so Thankful

On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, let’s talk about gratitude.… more


Did you ever daydream that you could be a hero someday?… more

Back to Basics

Rev. Deb will explore some traditional Unitarian Universalist thought and dust off our mission.… more