It has been said (jokingly) about Unitarian Universalists that we are the people who believe in life before death. It is true that we do not have any one uniform belief about life after death. Some of us are content with the notion that we live on only in the memories of those who have loved us and in the deeds we have done to make the world a better place.

At the heart of ministry is the need to mark the passing of time in our lives; to carve out the significance in the milestones of life. No other time is that more relevant than at the end of one’s time here on earth.

Memorial services and Funerals honor the dead and allow a time of emotional closure for the living. They are a poignant time of mourning the passing and celebration of the life of our loved ones. To that end, the minister or officiant will work closely with the grieving family and loved ones to craft a service which will honor the life of their loved one in a personalized and unique way.

In addition, the minister provides service resources, preparation help, and advice for those wishing to pre-plan their own memorial service.

If you are not affiliated with a church and you are looking for someone to officiate at a memorial service or funeral for your loved one, please call the church phone number at 803-502-0404. Fees for services vary.