volunteer - it takes a village
Our AUUC congregation was built by volunteers, and up until recently, all the projects and programs you read about on these pages were developed and sustained by volunteers. It takes a village!

And we are a village of committees and task forces. You can find out more about our committees under “Governance”, and meet our volunteer committee leaders here. Committee meetings are announced on our church calendar and are open to anyone interested in participating in the ministry of that committee. As our member, Angie Drake, said in her testimonial: “I have grown so much in my faith by being a contributing member of my congregation. The training I received developed me as a person, not just as a congregational volunteer. As a volunteer, you are living your faith, not simply showing up and listening to a sermon on Sundays, like the church attendance of my youth. In every act of service to my congregation, I received validation that my voice was appreciated, and I truly believe that I gained much more than I gave.”

As you become more familiar with AUUC, we hope you’ll see how you can be part of the “interdependent web” that is our congregation. There is room here for everyone, regardless of availability or capability.