Yom Kippur

Can we still find value in studying other religious traditions and their connection to ideas of forgiveness and atonement?

Drumming – Master Bolokada Conde

Drumming is the simplest thing that we can do to bring us together. ~Babatunde Olatunji Master Bolokada Conde will deliver this week’s Message. He is a master among masters and one of the richest treasures of Malinke music and folklore on earth. *Please join us after services for Our Community Potluck, Sponsored By Our Fabulous … more


Family Service

This national program provides a template for a holistic approach to shelter, food and case management with the goal of EMPOWERING HOMELESS FAMILIES TO REACH SUSTAINABLE INDEPENDENCE. This goal is achieved through community cooperation among churches and other organizations. We will learn how this wonderful program works and opportunities available for making a difference in … more