Love it or Leave it? Really?

We have all heard people say “love it or leave it” in reference to our country especially if you bring up anything that might need changing. But is that really a good policy? To just quit if things aren’t going your way. I don’t think it is good for your personal relationships, your church community … more

For the Love of Children

This week we will be hosting Robbie Dent – Lutheran Services, he will present a foster parenting story and be available for questions. Mr. Dent is interested in speaking to LGBTQ folks about fostering children. So if you are a part of that community please come and listen to what he has to say.

Snow, Cold and Winter Wonder

It has been cold this winter. Many parts of the country have experienced record cold, ice and snow. As we watch the effects of global warming through these record-breaking weather phenomenon, what are some of the emotions it brings? This Sunday I will seek transcendent meaning in the change of temperature and of season.

Growing Up In Aiken

We welcome back three amazing young adults who grew up in our children’s religious exploration program to share their experience and reflect on ways our congregation has touched their lives.