Chris Garcia

The Long Goodbye

I’ve just turned 70 and the realization of impermanence and mortality is becoming a real thing. A deep dive into Buddhism’s “Three Unsurpassed Truths”: 1) You will certainly die; 2) You don’t know when or how; 3) What are you going to do about it?… more

Does the white clown love you?

How did news media on left and right cause us to believe so many things that are not true? Including the idea of a stolen election? Why do they do this? And most important of all, what is the difference between moral posing and genuine moral courage?… more

Chris Garcia Returns

One of our very favorite poet/playwright/ philosopher UU theologians will cross the Savannah River from our sister congregation in Augusta to be with us again.… more

Bad Religion, Good Religion and a New Name for Everything

Why do intensely religious people so often go wrong? What kind of religion makes small souls; what kind of religion makes for great souls? What is “panpsychism” and why are quantum physicists suddenly so interested in what may actually underlie the interdependence of all things and possibly the key to the elusive nature of consciousness?… more

Where Will You Put That Love?

Considering connection vs purity. How often do religious people, including ourselves in our own way, demand a certain orthodoxy from people and cut them out instead of reaching out in a nondualistic way for connection.… more

The Power of Story

The Power of Story: Your Spiritual Practice and Personal Myth. Chris Garcia is co-chair of Adult Religious Education in our sister congregation in Augusta and most recently transformed for us the children’s story “Ferdinand the Bull” in the spirit of Unitarian Universalist mysticism. Chris is an award-winning author and playwright who is a beloved presence in our AUUC… more