Rev. Debra Guthrie-Joyce

The 7th Principle

In this second of a series on the principles of our faith, I will skip to the last principle in order to lay out its surprising complex spiritual ramifications.… more

The 1st Principle

I will look at the first Principle in depth and explore how living it shapes our faith.… more

The 7 Principles

Let’s take a look at these pillars of our faith and the role they play in our everyday ministry. … more


How do we, who base our faith on an underlying belief that the arch of history bends toward justice, reconcile ourselves with the idea of evil?… more

Coming Out

Have you ever told your coming out story? For many of us coming out does not fit in a very neat story. Maybe your coming-out had nothing to do with your sexuality. Maybe you had to come out as UU or something else?… more


How often do we stop and think about the influence we have? What are the things that might be affected by you, your life and your deeds?… more

Me and a Movie

I will be presenting a worship service that reflects the themes from the Intergenerational Movie which will be presented on Friday the 23rd.… more


Join us as we welcome new members this Sunday and celebrate what it means to belong.… more

Turning Off The News

I recently decided to check the news only once a day. I had got in the habit of checking it 3 or 4 times a day and it was causing me a lot of anxiety. Do you check the news multiple times a day?… more

50 First Dates

How would our lives be different if our short-term memories were broken? You can get a glimpse of it by watching movies like 50 First Dates or by visiting a nursing home. But today I would like to talk about how choosing to forget can be helpful in relationships.… more