Rev. Debra Guthrie-Joyce


It is time again! Yay! Our once-a-year holiday sing-a-long. This service may include a skit. There are surprises during the holidays, get used to it.… more


As children (and I) contemplate the mystery of Santa Claus, lets take a look at Mystery in the larger since. Why are we compelled to consider mystery in the first place and why does knowing that I don’t know things make me feel all gushy and religious-like?… more

You are Going to Love this Book!

I invite everyone to bring a favorite book to church today, to swap out. I just love books and when I find one I particularly love, it is so much fun to share that love with another person who loves it as well. Today I will talk about some of the books I have loved. There will be a book swap and I will invite you to talk about the books you loved and why.… more

the Theology of Fear

The macabre, fear factor, scary movies, Halloween, zombies, vampires,— there seems to be no end to the ways people invent to scare themselves and each other. It is estimated that Americans spend 10.6 billion dollars on Halloween each year, what is the attraction? Why the obsession?… more

UU Heritage New Member Service

What is the connection between the finale of the Guest at Your Table campaign and the new member service (both will be included in this service—true but not what I was looking for)? Answer—UU Heritage.… more

Indigenous People’s Day

Today we will forego the usual celebration of the explorer Columbus to remember the exploitation of the indigenous victims of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny.… more

Happy Anniversary Thurgood Marshall

On Oct 2, 1967 Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first African American associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Today, I will explore that decision, its legacy and relation to the present day.… more

Welcome to the Transcendentalist Club

This week Rev. Deb will be speaking about the movement that has had the most profound impact on Unitarian Universalism. This month marks the Anniversary of its very first meeting. … more


Does one place, one intersection of longitude and latitude remain in our hearts as our home for our entire lives? Can home be something other than a place? This Sunday, Rev. Deb will explore the idea of home and how it might change over our lifetimes.… more

The War on Woke

There seems to be a lot of talk about being “woke.” People are taking sides and the idea of “woke” has become a target for many battle cries. Is there a middle ground here? How do our definitions of woke differ and why is there such a big divide? Let’s share in a discussion and see if we can find some middle ground in this issue. This service will include an open discussion.… more