Rev. Debra Guthrie-Joyce

Core Values

How do we live out our core values in the world? What do we do when our core values are despised by other people and even outlawed in some places?… more


Easter is a celebration of life, to be more specific the return of life from the frozen soil of winter. The hope that springs eternal in the anticipation of tomorrow and the rising of the sun. As celebrated in Christianity, the return of the Jesus, who was thought to be dead. It is all very loaded, let’s tease some of it apart this Sunday. Service followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for children.… more

Palm Sunday

In this service I will examine the of the Christian observance of Holy Week what do all the parts of Holy Week mean to Christian and what can non-Christians, former Christians and people who follow the teachings of Jesus but who do not worship Jesus take away from these observances. This service will be followed by a presentation from the Building Taskforce.… more

Embrace Your Values, Invest in Our Vision Stewardship Kick-off

On this the first day of our annual pledge drive, I will be exploring the idea of amplifying your core values in the world. Is this something we see as a function of the church? Is it important for you personally that you see our core values reflected in the church, in the things we do among us and in the world?… more


The Soul Matters curriculum where I sometimes go for sermon and spirit inspiration offers the idea of transformation for this month’s worship and RE, but recent conversations have left me a little uneasy when speaking to transformation. This week I’ll explore what I mean by that statement. After the service, we will have a State of Our Ministry meeting.… more

Love it or Leave it? Really?

We have all heard people say “love it or leave it” in reference to our country especially if you bring up anything that might need changing. But is that really a good policy? To just quit if things aren’t going your way. I don’t think it is good for your personal relationships, your church community or your country. I have a long history of quitting but I am now a strong advocate for staying.… more

Snow, Cold and Winter Wonder

It has been cold this winter. Many parts of the country have experienced record cold, ice and snow. As we watch the effects of global warming through these record-breaking weather phenomenon, what are some of the emotions it brings? This Sunday I will seek transcendent meaning in the change of temperature and of season.… more

Christmas Eve Service – Lesson and Carols

Has it been 2 or 3 yrs since we’ve done a Christmas Eve service? I hope everyone can join us for this very poignant service, a special and solemn event for yr holiday season. This service will include the Christmas story according to the bible and a UU reflection on its meaning. There will be Christmas hymns with Silent Night by candlelight. Cookies & Warm Cider served after the service.… more

Blue Christmas?

There are a lot of people who find the holidays very difficult. This season of merry, happy, cheery, fun can be hard for various of reasons but there are sometimes when people need to just get over it! But seriously, is there ever an occasion where we should try to cheer people up? I know the prevailing wisdom is to allow our feelings, but when is it just too long and a bit of wallowing?… more


It is time again! Yay! Our once-a-year holiday sing-a-long. This service may include a skit. There are surprises during the holidays, get used to it.… more