Let Me Tell You: Stories of Grace & Rabbi Rachael

Sometimes we meet a person who transform our understanding of our shared world and the people in it. Rabbit Rachael Bregman of Temple Beth Tefilloh in Brunswick, GA is the touchstone of my journey… more

The Science and Spirituality of Connection

We have been conditioned to believe that the world outside of us is more real than the world inside us and that our external world determines our internal world. This has led a deep sense of disconnectedness and a perpetual state of stress within us as we make futile attempts to keep up with the changes in the external world!… more

Our Need for Nurture

One of life’s great quests is to find places we can come together as friends, companions, parents and children, sisters and brothers; in all our relationships. How can we make profound connections? Often, we look around and only see ways in which we are different. This Mother’s Day, let’s look at our common need for connection, nurture and love.… more