The Road to Wholeness

We tend to think that when we set ourselves on the right path and we start making an effort toward doing better, things will go smoother because we are no longer lost. We are finally found and headed in the right direction, right? Wrong! the road to wholeness is hard it is not even paved and has hug boulders and mud pits along the way.… more


The Worship Committee is planning and joyful and meaningful service.… more

Self-renewal and Self-revision

Self-renewal and Self-revision may sound like a lot of hippie self-love stuff but it is also the stuff that has occupied the minds of philosophers for centuries Let’s take a closer look at when the time we spend on trying to be better people slips over into self-obsession.… more

Flower Communion

On this Sunday, we will observe one of the finest of truly Unitarian Universalist holidays, Flower Communion. You are asked to bring a flower or flowers to put on the altar. During the service you will be prompted to place the flowers and later you will be prompted to choose a flower that you did not bring to carry home with you.… more


The Worship Committee is planning and joyful and meaningful service.… more

Is Congregational Polity Worth It?

It is a tradition for me to consider congregational polity on the Sunday of our Annual meeting. This year I would like us to consider if it is really worth it or should we follow others who have consented to be ruled by a hierarchy or fascism.… more

Valuing Mothers: The Cross-Cultural Story

Mother’s Day is a bit like Thanksgiving. We may want the Hallmark story, but that often seems illusory. Explore with me some of the insights we get when we look at motherhood through a different lens.… more

Have We Really Tried, Have We Discerned?

On this Sunday, the day of our Stewardship Finale, we will explore how much of our lives we live without thinking and how much do we really discern. We welcome Paula Goodman as our guest
pianist.… more

Core Values

This Sunday I will bring you the last service on my series on Core Values. This topic ties in with our pledge drive campaign. In the message, I will be exploring the idea of aspirational values. Do we shy away from lofty values out of fear we will not live up to our own expectations? Does it even matter what values if any we hold inside?… more

Earth Day

The Worship Committee will provide a meaningful and welcoming service.… more