Resilience: Your Key to Living Super-Better

Might training to become resilient help each of us create a well-lived and longer life? Laura brings her experience and insights (and resilience) to our shared worship and asks us to consider how we as a congregation may use resilience practice to continue to become a “super better church.”

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Walking with Dogs: A Spiritual Journey

Marti is a popular local author and storyteller who has shared her spiritual experiences with beloved animal companions in past UU worship services. This title is from her latest book–wherein she invites us to join her in seeing God in all living things.

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Rev. Debra Guthrie is building a mystery!… more

Right Relations

Rev. Debra and Julie team up on this first part of a two part series dealing with how we deal with each other and the wonders of living in community. Let’s unleash the transformational power of liberal religion.

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Drop by Drop, Growing for Service

Stewardship Kick-off. Rev. Debra will present a rousing inspiring worship experience that will touch you deeply and leave you with a warm glow in your heart like E.T. I hope.

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Rat Park

We all know that connection is an important aspect of being UU. I will be sharing some scientific findings of the importance of connection and share some of my personal connection journey.

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Judaism and Jerusalem

By Rabbi Robert Klensin,

Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Children of Israel, Augusta, GA

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may those who love you be at peace.”

Psalms 122:6


I will explore the history of the Jewish connection with Israel and Jerusalem, how we got to the present situation, and my hopes for a peaceful future.

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Black Religious History in Aiken County

Brenda Baratto, Executive Director, Aiken County Museum and Wayne O’Bryant, Second Providence Baptist Church, North Augusta present Black Religious History in Aiken County.

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The Road to Ministry and Ordination

Debra will explore and present the journey to professional ministry and the on-going demands of ministry, including her personal story and the spiritual implications of this wondrous profession.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, JR

Debra Guthrie and the AUUC youth present an

intergenerational celebration of the life of a

great American hero.

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