Mining NPR

All of Rev. Deb’s messages this month will revolve around stuff she has heard on NPR, or through podcasts sponsored by NPR. Today’s message will introduce the topic for the month and offer a few examples of inspiring articles.… more

A Story for Bear

Bear can’t read, of course, or understand language. Yet when a woman reads to him, he feels wonder and joy. It’s critical that struggling children can learn the skills that Bear lacks and perhaps, someday, read to him.… more

Feed Your Dog

Exploring the spirituality of stewardship for a vision.… more

This I Believe

Rev. Guthrie’s Birthday Sermon

On her Birthday Rev. Deb will talk about some lessons she has learned since becoming a UU.… more


It’s not just about “Do you hear what I hear?” Every second we are bombarded with a universe of sounds and words. In the complicated process of living our lives, how we listen could possibly be more important to shaping ourselves and our world than even the original intent of the speaker.… more