Chris Garcia Returns

One of our very favorite poet/playwright/ philosopher UU theologians will cross the Savannah River from our sister congregation in Augusta to be with us again.… more

From Jefferson to Thoreau

Today the minister will explore the changes in our religious thinking as a movement and as individuals. How can we consider our own journeys without assigning value to beliefs and avoid casting movement as improvement.… more

Stacy O’Sullivan: Uncovering and Opening – A Journey with My Ancestors

Stacy is a Registered SC Arts Commission Roster and Teaching Artist. A stained glass artist, painter and published author and creative writer who honors her Indigenous, Aboriginal, African and Celtic heritage. She’ll share stories from these many generations, and teaches us how she has learned to question assumptions.… more

Homiletics in Conversation

Rev. Deb has often explained her preaching style as “throwing ideas out there” but now she has found there is actually a tradition of and a title for this style of preaching. This Sunday she will present a deeper look at this style and other styles of homiletics.… more

The Hourglass of UU Theology

The weeks Rev. Deb will present a sermon in conversation with UU minster Rev. Mathew Johnson through his book Newborn Barbs. The best way to learn how to talk about the UU faith is to develop and deep and continuous study of the theologies it was built on.… more

My Faith is on Fire

We hear fundamentalist and evangelists say things like this but we rarely hear things like this from UUs. It almost feels like we are embarrassed by our faith. We have a tradition of not proselytizing but does that mean we have to be silent. This week I will seek the best words to emphasize the positive proclamation of our faith.… more

Grounding in Love

In all the roar of theology, eschatology, and liturgy, the draw of faith and the worshiping community is simple: Love. So today we will be kicking off our Month of Love with a sermon entitled “Grounding in Love.”more

Let it go

Rev. Deb returns to the pulpit with reflections on the intergenerational movie night selection Frozen. There will be a meditation in which we will be invited to “Let it Go”. The service will include an imaginary visit from a Hindu god.
I hope you all can join us.… more

The Paradox of Faith in Crisis

Psalms 92 and 118 were favorites of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Drawing on these Psalms, Michael Sasnow, New AUUC Member will consider how some survivors of the Holocaust deepened their faith while others lost their religious faith. He will lead us in saying Kaddish for all survivors of violence and share special music as we explore the Jewish traditions that helped shape our UU faith today.… more