NAACP 100th Anniversary

This weekend we celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of the NAACP here in Aiken. This morning let’s explore the Unitarian Universalist relationship to the NAACP historically and now.… more


Come today, bring your gathered waters and stones, bring the stories of your life, come share your experiences over the summer and your moments of ministry. Step into the paradox of individuality and the connection of every person and thing.… more

“If You Take These Ideas Seriously, They Will Change Your Life.” (Harvard Professor Michael Pruitt)

Professor Pruitt makes this promise every year to the
hundreds of Harvard students enrolled in his course on
ancient Chinese philosophy–the third most popular
course at that university, after introductory economics
and computer science. According to co-author Christine
Gross-Loh in their best-selling book, THE PATH,
these Chinese thinkers and teachers, “offer a fresh
perspective… more

Worship Service August 26, 2018

Dear Friends and Members,


This is a special invitation to join us for worship this Sunday, August 26 at 11 am, to meet and welcome a member of our neighboring faith community, Islam.


Our guest in the AUUC pulpit will be Azza El-Remessy, PhD, RPh, BC-ADM Pharmacist and Educator


Dr. El-Remessy will share the history and significance of the holy days celebrated by Muslims around… more

Lynching in the United States

Can facing the horrific national sins of lynching and violence against people of color help us move forward toward racial harmony?… more

Sacred Conversations

Can such a diverse community of faith as ourselves effectively craft a shared vision for our future?… more

The Poor People’s Campaign

Continuing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Calls us to a moral revival in our nation centered economic justice.… more

Forest Therapy

Finding Spirituality in Our Woods Pat Homer, Certified Forest Therapist Our guest speaker leads spiritual forest walks in Aiken’s Hitchcock Woods, Statesboro, GA and other SE locations. She invites us to renew our spirits, restore our peace, and return to ourselves by practicing what Japanese traditions call “forest bathing.” She asks us to meditate on the following … more

No Short Cut to Freedom

No Short Cut to Freedom:A celebration of life lived with integrity, courage, and compassion

Presented by Sam Dack, President of the Board of Trustees, AUUC member since 2005, raconteur, self-described sage, picker, grinner, and stubborn optimist.

 … more

July 15 Worship Service

The July Worship Schedule will be published the first week of July. We are coordinating dates with several wonderful new guest speakers.… more