Father’s Day

Dads don’t seem to get the same sort of recognition as Mom’s. In this homily I will explore the difference. I encourage everyone to think of your own Father or those who filled that role—living or passed. If you would like to bring a photo or a memento of your father and stories to share, I would love to hear your memories.more

AUUC Worship Committee: Anchoring Our Hearts in Whole Brain Living

At age 37, when neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke that silenced her left brain, she found bliss and abiding peace in her right brain. Her 8 year “Hero’s journey” back to whole brain functioning taught her to “team huddle” the 4 major brain functions to consciously choose a better more spiritual life. Dr. Taylor’s 2021 book teaches us how.… more

Science Fiction and the Future

This message will be about how this time in history has been portrayed in the science fiction of the past. How far have we come in making those things a reality? What will the future be like?… more

Flower Communion Celebration

Today we honor beauty, human uniqueness, diversity and community.
Please bring flower beings from your yard or the roadside to share.… more

Earth Day

Let’s try to conjure a new perspective of the earth or may be revisit a perspective we have lost over the years.… more


Easter is a celebration, a symbol of new life and a time to allow the rising up of praises and hallelujahs, will we, can we, find reason to celebrate in this world torn by war and injustice.… more