Summer Stories

What are our favorite moments from summer? What are the stories we remember? Is it different now that we are grown? Can you remember the magic from childhood?… more

The Hundredth Monkey Effect

A wrongly reported scientific observation leads to a myth that keeps perpetuating itself. How we hurt ourselves by overstating our case and how society pushes us to do just that.… more

Worship Service for 6-30-19

A very special and popular guest will return to our pulpit this Sunday with a message about Independence Day. Please come and make her feel welcome; you will not regret it!… more

The Iowa Sisterhood

The Iowa Sisterhood, UU history often overlooks the contribution of this amazing group of women to our movement; the women and how they carried our movement to the west.… more

Father’s Day

Lessons from alternative history. There is a saying that those who do not know history are destined to repeat it. But is the history we know the real history?… more

Let’s Talk About Getting Old

Are people like fine wine, getting better with age? Personally, I don’t like wine. But there is some research that suggests people get happier as they age.… more

Awakening The Spirit

Since the dawn of time, indigenous people everywhere have understood that, drumming and song are powerful spiritual practices. In this service we will experience the power of drumming as it helps to awaken and deepen our spiritual selves. We will listen, sing, and feel the rhythms of life.… more

Annual Meeting

Yes, once again it is time for the high holy day of Unitarian Universalism. I am only partially joking because there is something very sacred about discerning how we will walk together. … more