Join Rev. Debra this morning for this traditional autumn celebration. A remnant of New England Unitarianism what does this service still hold for us today.… more

Loneliness and Solitude

Let’s explore the line between difference between being alone and being lonely. When does the desire for solitude turn into unhealthy isolation?… more


This morning we will explore some of the offerings from the Braver/Wiser daily devotional offered through the UUA. … more

The truth/Truth

What does it mean to be a faith which is devoted to the pursuit of Truth in an era that seems to devalue truth—a post truth society?… more

Singing Our Principles

Our Seven UU Principles unite us in the vision and values of our faith… yet how many of us can remember them well enough to share in casual conversation?… more

In Praise of Humility

Have you ever been absolutely certain you were right and then found out you were wrong? I have!! Beyond being embarrassed, sometimes I have hurt people with the consequences of my certainty. In my late sixties, I am trying to practice what American philosopher/poet/farmer Wendell Berry calls “The Way of Ignorance.”… more

Summer Stories

What are our favorite moments from summer? What are the stories we remember? Is it different now that we are grown? Can you remember the magic from childhood?… more