Worship Committee

Getting Good at Doing it Badly

“If it’s worth doing; it’s worth doing right.” What would it bring to our lives to rethink this bit of cultural cannon and strive to embrace whole-heartedly, proudly, and joyfully doing things badly?… more

Love Feast

We will be celebrating Christmas together this morning with elements from the traditional Moravian Love Feast. This service will not be broadcasted. It will include food, hot beverages and will be very informal. This is an Intergenerational service.… more

11-27-22 Service

The Worship Committee is working on a meaningful service for all.… more

Behind the Wonderful Oz Wizard’s Green Lenses

In Frank Baum’s Oz novels, all visitors and residents of the walled Emerald City are fitted with comfortable and absolutely mandatory green glasses. Eventually they forget they are seeing the world with a green tint. What lenses might you and I be wearing unawares?… more

Worship Service August 26, 2018

Dear Friends and Members,


This is a special invitation to join us for worship this Sunday, August 26 at 11 am, to meet and welcome a member of our neighboring faith community, Islam.


Our guest in the AUUC pulpit will be Azza El-Remessy, PhD, RPh, BC-ADM Pharmacist and Educator


Dr. El-Remessy will share the history and significance of the holy days celebrated by Muslims around… more

July 15 Worship Service

The July Worship Schedule will be published the first week of July. We are coordinating dates with several wonderful new guest speakers.… more