Deck Repaired 9-4-22

The annex deck replacement project was a big success. Even though it was a holiday weekend, a large work crew turned out to help, and the whole thing was nearly finished all in one day. Because this work detail got started as soon as possible after it was discovered that the old deck was in bad enough shape that it was unsafe, it was only necessary to close off access to the Annex for the use of the nursery program for one single Sunday. Among those who helped get this done were: Todd Matteson (our stalwart crew chief) and his son Mark; Bill Robinson and his daughter Karen; Sally Evans and her son Canyon; Carl Hammond-Beyer; Carlan Hinnant; Diane Dusick; Keith Beard; Betsy Randall; and Michael Scheer. Louise Plodinec was kind enough to provide a lovely picnic lunch for all. AUUC volunteerism at its best, many thanks to all!

3 men working on deck repair
Almost done with deck
2 people measuring for the deck repair
Measure twice, cut once
six volunteers working on deck
Church community effort
a volunteer cutting deck boards
Hard work