Angie Drake

Over the course of my time here at AUUC, I have taught Religious Exploration, sung with the Principle Singers, served as chair of RE and of the Membership Committee, and been on the Board of Trustees as Member-at-Large, Secretary, President-Elect and President. I’ve also served on various ad hoc committees like Strategic Planning, the Committee on Ministry and the Mission Statement Task Force.

I have grown so much in my faith by being a contributing member of my congregation. The training I received developed me as a person, not just as a congregational volunteer. As a volunteer, you are living your faith, not simply showing up and listening to a sermon on Sundays, like the church attendance of my youth. In every act of service to my congregation, I received validation that my voice was appreciated, and I truly believe that I gained much more than I gave.

This congregation has been a real gift to me. The members here have been a real source of support during some of the most difficult periods of my adult life. Several years ago, when my husband Thomas was laid off, we had three foster kids and one broken down refrigerator. Members of the church brought fully prepared meals and milk daily to keep us going until a replacement was up and running.

For me, this church has been a transformation. I have experienced validation, made lifelong friendships, and refined my value system, and by supporting the mission of this church, I invest in my own development.