The Worship Team

Healing with Gratitude 2024

Whatever the coming year brings, a scientifically grounded gratitude practice can reduce stress, strengthen will, expand happiness, and even lower bodily inflammation….(hint—this is NOT about keeping a personal gratitude journal)…. So, let’s practice together!… more

10 guidelines from Humankindness

On July 9, we looked into our deep genetic hunter-gatherer nature, reflected and enacted in our 7 UU Principles. Today we consider 10 guidelines from Humankindness author Rutger Bregman — for profound nonviolent evolution and revolution — through the lens of our 8th UU Principle.… more

I Know This Rose Will Open

A New Year’s Meditation on Possibilities. Join us for a quiet morning of reflection and meditation. We will share beautiful songs from UU Minister Mary Grigolia to nourish our hearts, and contemplate spiritual advice from many sources — to help us face the adventures and challenges of 2023.… more