Debbie Brown

9/11/2001 Reflections & Challenges

The 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers have profoundly affected each of us and our larger world. Some of us found courage and inspiration in the midst of the horror and overwhelming grief. Some of us met fear with action to build a more loving world. Debbie Brown, who lived within three miles of Ground Zero, discovered a new path for her art and her gifts. We invite you to join us with your own memories and… more

Anger, A Heavy Load – An Intergenerational Service

How might we all realize happiness by letting go of the heavy burden of anger? Featuring a Bunraku-style & shadow puppet dramatization of a Zen Buddhist teaching tale presented by The Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School Puppetry Club and led by our AUUC youth under the direction of Debbie Brown.… more