Church-wide Christmas Project – Helping Those in Need

This Christmas the church is helping the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Person by providing items for families they assist and items needed at their shelter. Come to church and select the gift tags you wish.

We asked for 100 gift tags from Cumbee because the need is great and because we know how generous you have been in the past with Christmas projects. Items range from inexpensive (e.g., hygiene items and socks), moderate (e.g., toys and coats) up to the more expensive (e.g., $50 gift cards and space heaters). You can easily find something in your price range.

After you select and purchase the item(s):

  1. Bring back the gift and gift tag to church no later than December 4 and put under the tree;
  2. Do not wrap the item;
  3. Attach the gift tag to the item so it will not come off. (For example, you can attach the gift tag with a safety pin or tape the tag to the item.)

If you want to participate, but will not be in church to pick up a tag, you can contact Carol Boeding ( Tell her about how much you want to spend and she will do her best to select tag(s) for you in your price range.

Also, if you will not be at church to return your gift, contact Sandy Hochel ( about dropping gifts at her house.

AUUC members decorating a Christmas tree