Linda Warren

Aiken UU makes it possible for us to lean into the strength and vision of this congregation and this faith to find our balance and build our hope, so that we can move into a frightening world with faith, courage, and the strength of many. I firmly believe the life of a congregation is about building the church that proclaims this new way of being and practices it every day. Aiken UU makes very strong strides in that direction. It’s not perfect, but then who or what is? My faith is accepted, challenged and confirmed in this church. My differences are discovered, discussed, and accepted. This church has given me opportunities to expand my love for others, I’ve found new ways to serve by officiating for Weddings and Funerals. I attended for more than a year before I joined the congregation in 2005. Since then I’ve made numerous new connections within the Aiken Community while serving the congregation as an individual member, a committee member or chair, a board member and as board president-elect and president. I’ve been able to travel to other UU congregations knowing that I will feel welcome because this community has taught me that all are truly welcome.

I am currently serving on the Finance Committee and love it! I also cherish my participation in the Small Group Ministry program; it takes getting to know you to a whole new spiritual and personal level! Come join us, you’ll be glad you did.