Julie Evonna

Why do I belong to AUUC? It’s really quite simple for me, because our covenant with each other begins and ends with: Love is the doctrine of this church.

You are my chosen community, my village. In this church, we love with courage, with strength, with screw ups and mistakes, and we continue to love. We show up. We matter. I will remain forever grateful for you and to you.

Thirteen years ago, when we moved here, Ann and I consciously sought to build a community where we could share our gifts and talents and where we could share in yours. As lesbians, this is church and church community is the only true safe space for us in Aiken. I know the importance of this space, this energy, this sanctuary, and of liberal thought. Remember, even though SC has legally recognized same sex marriage since November 20, 2014, we are still the only church in Aiken who will marry lesbians and gays openly.

Together we grow spiritually. We build community. We care for each other, providing support in times of need, and connecting in our shared community.