Janeth Welch

I always search out a UU community when re-locating to a new place and I have found salvation, deep friendships, welcoming hearts, and spiritual comfort in all the varied communities I have been a part of. This community here in Aiken has been one of the most friendly and surprising ones. Despite its size it manages to do almost everything that bigger churches do and in some ways does it better. The quality of the programs that are provided by members, outside speakers, and now our own Minister never cease to amaze me. The help that I have received in recent months while going through Chemo treatment has been overwhelming. I don’t know what I would have done without all of you.

I was one of the members who truly believed that our congregation was ready for and needed a Minister to continue to grow and thrive. This year we have been blessed with such a wonderful match with Debra and we all need to step up and be counted in supporting her and all the things this church does for us, week after week. It is not just Sunday morning, but all the small group offerings, the availability of our building to support local social action groups like PFLAG and Sierra Club, as well as offering a welcoming place for those seeking a more liberal and self-directed approach to religion. Aiken needs and deserves a vibrant and growing UU church and it is up to us to be sure that continues.