My story is like so many others that I’ve met here.  I was not a church member for over 45 years of my life. In fact, I came to this church weary and apprehensive of the term church. Many of us know, the first thing you are asked around here is, “What church do you go to?” Today I have an answer. Aiken Unitarian Universalists.

There are many reasons I belong here. My sister converted to Judaism, an ex-boyfriend was Muslim, I grew up with Catholics and Protestants, and many of my friends are Atheists. Under this roof, they would be all welcome – equally. That is the kind of world I want to live in and be a part of. Under this roof, I am.

By happy accident, I discovered AUUC by accepting an invitation to attend the church’s Sisterhood group. Then, in what was a very big step for me, I decided I would go to a bonafide church service one Sunday. It was unlike any church service I had been to before — an overwhelming aura of sincere joy hung in the sanctuary like a nectar. Leaving lighthearted and energized, I ended up coming every weekend. Now, I also participate in our book club, journaling, drumming and so many other wonderful social and community gatherings offered through the AUUC. This community, every week, either by attending services or one of the socials, brings me great happiness. Where else can you meet people so greatly diversified, and yet so strongly united, under one roof in this town? I can’t think of one other place.