Rev. Dr. Jean Heriot

Valuing Mothers: The Cross-Cultural Story

Mother’s Day is a bit like Thanksgiving. We may want the Hallmark story, but that often seems illusory. Explore with me some of the insights we get when we look at motherhood through a different lens.… more

What’s Your Theology?

We UU’s are diverse: we are humanists, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, pagans, atheists, and more. Yet, something holds us together. What happens when we look below the surface? I will make a few suggestions and offer several ways to think about the deepest of questions: “Who are we and where are we going?”… more

Good Trouble: Living Our Democratic Values

What are our responsibilities as citizens in a country where democracy and our values seem to be under constant assault? How can we live our fifth principle which asks us to use the right of conscience and the democratic process in our lives? We can follow John Lewis’ advice to make “good trouble” and in the UU tradition, VOTE!… more