LaRahna Hughes

Shifting Times: Challenges and Opportunities on our T.R.I.P. together

LaRahna and Renee will explore our shifting times based on the work of author Joel Barker as explained in Paradigms:  The Business of Discovering the Future.   They will explore the concepts of Shifters, Pioneers and Settlers.  How does understanding these concepts help us to understand ourselves during these shifting times?  This past July, Renee invited the congregation to join her on … more

Gifts from SUULI

Lessons shared from the Summer Southeast UU Leadership Institute.… more

Spiritual Gardening: Our Souls Renewed

“The garden is a metaphor for life, and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path.” (Larry Dossey) What if Gardening were my religion? Norman Wirzby suggests that Gardening is a spiritual activity in which “people attempt to make visible and tasty what is good, beautiful and even holy.” The sustainable living focus of the Green Sanctuary program asks, What can “You’s” (and UUs) do to live more… more