Souper Bowl 2022

Our first event since the beginning of Covid, Souper Bowl Sunday, was a Raven success.  Immediately after the service the men became Raiders of tables and chairs and tried not to Rams them too tight together. Mary C. was the head Charger of the kitchen and had all those marvelous soups lined up and labeled for selection.

Most of our members were Patriots to the chili and vegetables soups. But many were Eagle(ing) the Pea and the Moroccan stew.  There was no Steelers of the Browns(ies) as there was plenty to go around. 

Debra led us in a Saint(ly) song, and as everyone chowed down, they were challenged to a Trivia game, questions designed for those over 49ers.  There were no questions about Cowboys or Indians.   Even though we are lovers of animals, there were no questions about Broncos, Colts, Lions, Panthers, Rams, or even Bengals.  But our wonderful eaters did know many of the answers including the Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.

Souper Bowl Sunday was indeed a great success.