Green Sanctuary Update February 2019

Mark Your calendar for these special environment days~

    • Meat Free Monday
    • FairTrade Fortnight (February)
  • World Water Day (March)
  • Earth Hour (March)
  • Earth Day (April)
  • International day for biological diversity (May)
  • World Environment Day (5 June) and Environment Sunday (closest Sunday)
  • World Oceans Day (June)
  • Creation Time (September to October)
  • World Car Free Day / walk to church Sunday (September)
  • Good Money Week (mid-October)
  • World Food Day (October)
  • Buy Nothing Day (November)

Reclaim Christmas (December)


Remember, please don’t print stuff if you don’t need hard copy

Breaking news: It’s a digital world! You already realized this, didn’t you? You can even send faxes from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, so your need for printed hard copy is minimal.

If you can, only print if you need a permanent record on paper. You will find that you’re killing trees at least by 50 percent, if not more. Just be sure to back up your files to the cloud or offsite server.