General Assembly 2018

Start making plans to attend General Assembly 2018 in Kansas City. It will be a life changing experience.

Financial aid for General Assembly is available in the form of working volunteer positions as well as registration scholarships and travel grants. GA Volunteers exchange a set number of hours of work at GA for a full-time GA registration. There are several different funding sources available via the General Assembly Unified Scholarship Application, including additional funding committed by the UUA Administration to the 2018 budget to facilitate the participation of People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Persons at GA. Anyone with a relationship to a Unitarian Universalist congregation or UU organization (covenanted community) is encouraged to apply.
Financial Aid applications are accepted March 1 through March 31.
You are invited to submit a proposal to host a networking session at General Assembly. Time has been set aside at GA on Friday evening for networking among affinity groups within Unitarian Universalism, for people to connect around identity, role, interest or any other dimension. Proposals are due Thursday, March 15.
You are invited to apply to present a poster at GA on an inspiring story, best practice or a resource of interest to other GA attendees. Sessions will be selected based on how they address equity, inclusion and the GA theme. If chosen, you will need to be present for one 75 minute session where attendees can drop by to discuss with you the topic of your poster. Poster session will be scheduled daily in the GA Exhibit Hall. Proposals are due Thursday, March 15.
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