Debra Guthrie

The Road to Ministry and Ordination

Debra will explore and present the journey to professional ministry and the on-going demands of ministry, including her personal story and the spiritual implications of this wondrous profession.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, JR

Debra Guthrie and the AUUC youth present an

intergenerational celebration of the life of a

great American hero.

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Growing out of his work with the Truth and Reconciliation commission in South Africa, Bishop Desmond Tutu is revered as one of the world’s leading experts on forgiveness. This morning, Debra Guthrie reflects by on Bishop Tutu’s book on forgiveness written with his daughter, Bishop Mpho Tutu.… more


This morning we will explore Donna Rice’s ground-breaking work around human dignity. Mr. and Mrs. Santa will be visiting the children today. It is the day of our annual Christmas party. In addition, Rabbi Klensin will be visiting to share about Judaism in continuation with the World Religions course.… more


Last year we explored The Day of the Dead from the Mexican tradition celebrated this time of year. This year I thought we might switch it up a bit and explore the pagan/Gaelic tradition of Samhain. Come and see if I can make a connection with our UU tradition.… more

Rosh Hashanah

Debra explores the meaning behind the “Jewish New Year” in collaboration with member Ann Thal. What lessons does this important observance hold for Jewish people and all of us?… more

Are We Good?

Am I an arrogant person for continuing to believe in the worth and dignity of people when almost everyone I meet seems to not feel it inside themselves? What is this rot, this vile thing that makes us all feel at times unworthy, corrupted? Is it the Universalist paradox and what can we do about it?… more

Our Shared Theology

Unitarian Universalism can feel like a nebulous and ephemeral thing, where there is nothing to sink your teeth into; like soup. What are the religious concepts that we share, where is the meat of it all?… more