Women’s Chalice Group

Meets during the day, once a month – see the calendar for exact dates and times.

What is it:

A Chalice Group is a small covenant group consisting of friends and members of our church whose understanding and companionship supports our journey of spiritual growth. Chalice Groups are an opportunity for us to share our stories, find meaning in life, and be with one another, allowing our souls to unfold.

Most of our lives are rushed and fragmented. These small, committed groups share a kind of sacred time together that participants find renewing, transformative, and deeply moving.

How it Works:

Our group will have up to 8 members. Groups meet once a month for a specified time (proposed 9 months).

Each meeting includes time for personal sharing, readings on a topic, and time to discuss that week’s topic. No preparation is needed!

The sessions have a standardized format to transform the experience beyond ordinary meeting time into uplifting, sacred time.

Chalice Groups will have the opportunity to participate in one meaningful service project of its own choosing, providing a further bonding experience and a chance to propel the energizing power of the group outward.

As a covenant group, our Chalice Group will develop a “covenant” which represents each individual’s promise to one another about how she will maintain right relationship with others in the group. Often covenants address dependable attendance, intentional listening, and honest sharing.

Although the Chalice Group experience can be personal and uplifting, it is not intended to be therapy, a religious education class, or replacement for Sunday worship. The Chalice Groups program is one more opportunity to participate in the church’s ministry, in a smaller, more intimate way.

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